Beauty Detox

Everyone goes detox mad with diets & fitness in January. I’m no different and the first job on my never ending January to do list was to look at my skin care routine. I decided to ditch all Make-Up products for the week and let my skin breath so it was extra big shades with a touch of Charlotte Tilbury’s Kissing lipstick in Bitch Perfect.

          I then treated my face Hair & body to some amazing products…


                                                                 OUAI HAIR OIL 




                                                                                           Buy £24.00



                                                                 HONEY + COCONUT FACE MASK

                                                                                     Buy £43


                                                                VITAMIN E BODY SCRUB   

                                                                     Buy £72.00


I, like a lot of women, get super excited treating myself to the newest Make-Up products, but investing in good skin care products is just as important. My skin feels great after a week free from make-up clogging my skin. But I have to admit- I’m looking forward to sleeping in my James Reed Sleep Mask Face tan tonight- I’m in need of a cheat glow!


                                                      SLEEP MASK FAKE TAN 


JAMESREAD_TAN_MASK_JESSIEMAY                                                                                     Buy 25.00 


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